Episode 3: “Fire and Bloodlines”
Episode 5: “Forged Alliances”
September 28, 2021 55Mins
Episode 5: “Forged Alliances”
Episode 6: “The Dragon’s Redemption”
Episode 7: “Flames of Destiny”
Episode 8: “Alliance in Ashes”
Episode 9: “The Dragon’s End”
December 15, 2023 65Mins
Episode 9: “The Dragon’s End”
Episode 11: “Echoes of Legends”
Episode 12: “The Final Dawn”
December 8, 2023 80Mins
Episode 12: “The Final Dawn”

In the enthralling television series "The Hunter," the city stands as a kingdom in turmoil, where dragons of corruption and power wage silent wars in the shadows. Our relentless detective, a self-proclaimed king of justice, navigates this treacherous realm, seeking to unravel the mysteries that lie within.

Over the course of four thrilling seasons, "The Hunter" explores the battle for truth and morality as the detective confronts the dragons of corruption that threaten to consume the kingdom. With each season, new battles emerge, secrets resurface, and kings rise and fall, shaping the destinies of both the characters and the city they call home.

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